Like it or not, insurance is part of everyday life. On allotments, in this age of compensation culture, more and more local authorities and private landowners are now requiring plot holders to have £5 million worth of cover as part of the terms of any lease agreement.

To the average plot holder this may seem daunting, especially following a number of reports in the national press regarding extortionate costs of public liability insurance for allotment tenants. To read these reports you would feel this is the end of the road for the allotment, with insurance costs forcing the price of renting a plot well beyond the reach of the average plot holder. Insurance for your allotment plot does not have to cost the earth.

When you become a member of SWCAA you automatically get FREE Public and Product Liability cover up to £5million - A must for all allotment holders and gardeners.  We can also offer our members access to employers liability insurance for just £20 per year (this covers your whole group/association) as well as extras such as buildings and contents, machinery and accident insurance.  These are all available through our brokers via the members area on our website and you must be SWCAA members to access this.

The Public and and Product Liability cover is a third party cover only and it protects you from claims made AGAINST you for

(a) Injury to any person
(b) Damage to Property
(C) Interference with or loss of enjoyment of property as a result of obstruction, trespass, or nuisance.

Please read the information below carefully.

  • The fees you pay to us are NOT to purchase insurance cover
  • SWCAA are NOT insurance brokers
  • Your membership with SWCAA must be renewed yearly or your insurance cover will cease
  • This insurance does NOT cover you for loss or damage to sheds or their contents and IS NOT a personal injury cover
  • On receipt of your application form you will be issued with confirmation of your membership and the insurance cover included within it.  WE DO NOT ISSUE POLICY DOCUMENTS
  • To comply with Data Protection laws you agree to provide us with your personal information for SWCAA use only.  Will will NEVER pass this information on to anyone else.  On cancelling your membership with us your information will be removed and disposed of in compliance with the Data Protection laws.

Any claims will be dealt with directly by the insurance company NOT SWCAA. For further information on insurance please see our questions and answers page

Please note that any claims will be dealt with under English law. If you have any queries please contact us.