Off Grid Festival - Tapley Park Instow North Devon

Off Grid is an ethical eco-political community festival run by volunteers for social change, and exists to bring people together who want to build community, share information about agriculture and land rights, off grid technology, environmental issues, governmental structures, and the financial system, and it gives participants practical incentives on how to contribute and facilitate the changes that are needed today.
The event is not-for-profit, has a strong political focus and is educational in nature, with workshops and talks during the day and music in the evenings.
Off Grid Festival is back again, for the 9th year, this time with the theme of Seven Generation Steward-ship. Seven generation Stewardship, or Sustainability, is a concept that urges the current generation to live and work for the benefit of future generations. All too often all we hear are tales of doom and gloom and it’s not an exaggeration to say that many of us have a cloud of despair hanging over us. At Off Grid however, we believe that we can work towards a brighter future, where division between communities and destruction of the environment are not the first things on our mind. Off Grid is at its core a festival that came into being as a way of celebrating and sharing off grid and re-silient living; people, from all backgrounds, coming together in the service of lasting change.

At Off Grid, we gather some of the most inspiring teachers, demonstrations and discussions in a family-oriented weekend of learning, fun and celebration. Over this four-day event we are sure you will find something of interest to you, such as; the permaculture movement, transition towns and ecovillages, farmers’ markets and natural builders, local and independent traders, and more hands on activities such as carving, archery, foraging, painting and sculpting. As well as practical workshops like willow weav-ing, biochar-making, food growing and green woodworking, we create space for deep-dive thinking and progressive discussion, all organised using a contemporary, inclusive, collaborative leadership model. We also hope you will take advantage of the live music and our Wellbeing zone where massage, osteop-athy, acupuncture, yoga and many more one-to-one sessions and group workshops will be on offer!

This year, Off Grid Festival is being held at our new site at Tapeley Park in North Devon. Tapeley is proud to have developed one of the country’s most long-standing permaculture gardens and their on-site cafe will be open during the Festival for nutritious, organic, pesticide-free meals and snacks. We look forward to seeing you at Off Grid Festival this year and hope that you will come away feeling inspired and revived. At Off Grid Festival 2018, Another World is Possible.

Contact :Tom Molyneux, Festival Co-ordinator, Ilias Sachpazidis, Marketing Co-ordinator:
Website : Off Grid Festival, 9-12th August 2018. Tapeley Park, Instow, North Devon.