Employers' Liability Insurance Terms and Conditions

Please note you must already be a member of the SWCAA to benefit from this Insurance if you are already a member please send a letter of request quoting your membership number as well as a stamped addressed envelope so we can send you your certificate of insurance.

This cover is provided through Thistle underwriting acting in an underwriting capacity on behalf of Covea Insurance plc.  Covea insurance plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority.  Limited in accordance with the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Regulations 1998. It provides cover for a total indemnity of up to £10 million, most employees being volunteers.

The policy will also meet defence costs against prosecution for breach of the Health and Safety at Work Acts provided this did not result from deliberate actions or neglect, but will not pay fines or appeal costs.


The policy does not include any damage to employees caused by radiation, by road accidents (covered already by road traffic insurance anyway), by incidents involving sexual abuse or contact (such as discrimination, harassment), by terrorism nor any liability arising from asbestos, or material containing asbestos or silica in whatever quantity or form, and whether involvement is direct or indirect.


Let us know of any exceptional dangers on your site. - Take reasonable precautions against accidents - don't ask infirm people to fell trees or lift heavy weights! - Keep a log of any events likely to lead to a claim: write it in the accident book with date and details.


In the event of your needing to make a claim you must:

(a) notify us at once for our immediate action
(b) give full details of the occurrence
(c) notify us in writing of any impending prosecution, inquest, or fatal accident inquiry in connection with any possible claim.
(d) Forward immediately every letter, claim, summons or legal process
(e) DO NOT negotiate, admit liability or promise any payment: the insurance company takes control of all legal proceedings. So do not get tangled up with any other insurance policy that might be involved.

All material in this note is provided for information only and must not be construed as legal advice or instruction. Professional advice will be sought.