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Eco-loos have designed and produced a composting toilet which is ideal for use on allotment sites where it can be impractical and costly to connect to mains water or sewage.  Designed originally for third-world countries where sewage systemjs in remote locations do not exist, these units have found a market in the western world for groups and individuals concerned about our planet and the vast quantities of waste we produce.

The toilet cubicle is constructed to high specifications from FSC sustainable timber.  The workings of the toilet make it very easy to use and maintain.  It does not require connection to either mains water or sewage outlets.  It works completely independently of all mains systems and is therfore ideal for allotment sites.

These composting loos are know as 'urine separating composting toilets'.  So everyone sits down to use them, boys and girls.  This enables the separtation of liquid waste from soild waste.  This stops all the nasty smells associated with compost loos and they really do work.
Its a simple design.  Under the seat is a large 60ltr container, into which you sprinkle a large scoop of sawdust, then its ready to use.  When the container is full, you simply remove the lid of the loo, lift out the container and replace with a new one.  The full container is then put in a corner somewhere to allow it to decompose.  After a period of time (6 months to a year) the compost as it is can be used on your garden.
You have two choices to dispose of the urine.  You can either build a soakaway next to where the compost loo is going to be sited or you can have the outlet pipe going into a container.  This way you can water the contents down - 8 parts water to 1 part urine - and use it on your compost heap to help speed up the decomposition of your ordinary garden waste.  It also acts as a general fertiliser. 


The timber cubicle measures 900mm wide x 1200mm deep x 2150mm high.  They are delivered to you by pallet lorry, already errected and ready to use.

They have as standard:

Timber cubicle made from quality FSC redwood tongue and groove timber, treated with an oil based preservative to the exterior.

The urine separating loo seat with lid built into a timber framed box complete with container for solid waste and one spare container with sealable lid.

The pipework already installed for the liquid waste and two collection containers.

Vinyl flooring.  Laminated instruction sheet.  A battery operated LED Light.

A sliding bolt lock.  A sawdust bin and scoop and even a loo roll holder and coat hook!


The spring has sprung and its time to get digging and planting all those wondrous varieties of fruit and veggies ready for the table, freezer, village shows and competitions.  With the weather getting milder ladies, gentleman and children can roll up their sleeves and enjoy the most rewarding of pastimes.  So, its time to stop disappearing behind that rhubarb leaf, though gentlemen still have the advantage there, and invest in an Ecotoilet.  These are becoming very popular with Allotment Societies all over the country.  A wooden cabin including a toilet can cost from as little as £1599.00 inclusive of VAT and a secure cabin from £2799.00.  There have always been composting toilets.
Some smelly and simple, some large and complicated and very expensive. 'Ecotoilets' offer you the ideal solution, a dry separating composting toilet which works on the principle of the human body.  By keeping the urine and solid matter separate there is no smell, no need for sewage systems, no plumbing, no water, easy installation and you are rewarded with two of the best fertilsers money cannot buy.  For those of you who do not have the facilities for housing a loo, we have a complete package, cabin, toilet, solar panel, battery lights, PIR detector, hand-sanitising gel etc.  They are easy to use, easy to maintain and very competitively priced.  Composting our human by-products is not alien or distasteful but sensible safe and very ecofriendly.

Ecotoilets can offer everything for your convenience!

Eco Toilets Ltd, Unit 1 Bitterswell Business Park, Ullesthorpe Road,, Bitterswell. Lutterworth, LE17 4LR
Tel: 01327 844442  E-mail: Website:

NatSol Nationwide suppliers of water free, power free, chemical free toilet facilities to allotments.  Specially designed system functions year round in the UK Climate.  Available with sturdy, spacious, traditional buildings to blend in to rural or urban environments.  Wheelchair accessible. Supportive and helpful team. High reliabilty. 

NatSol Directors have 40 years of combined experience in compost toilet design for the UK Climate. Excellent service including detailed stallation and operation guides and after sales support.

Our Products are the prefered choice of the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Proven performance with over 250 installations.

Purchased by The Environment Agency, The National Trust, Thames Water Board, Groundwork and the Forestry Commission.