Allotments - the benefits

Have you longed to have a patch of green to call your own? Wish you could grow your own vegetables, fruit or flowers? Do you need a quite place of your own away from the stresses of every day life? Then an allotment could be the answer.

Allotments are changing, they have a new role to play, not only do people want to grow better more interesting fruit and vegetables but they have become a place to escape to, a pleasure away from all the hassle's of everyday life. The demand for allotments continues to increase as more people become concerned about environmental issues such as carbon footprints, chemicals and genetically modified foods. With food prices on the increase it's never been a better time to grow your own.

Having an allotment is a great way of getting your hands on valuable gardening space and also it is a great opportunity to meet fellow allotment holders as well as a relaxing, sociable way to garden. There is always something new to learn, not to mention it being a great stress reliever.

Some of the benefits gained from having an allotment are:

  • Good physical exercise, great stress reliever and a good way to relax.
  • Opportunity to grow fresh tasty organic vegetables and beautiful flowers.
  • You get to meet people with the same interests and gain valuable advice.
  • Your own space to create and develop new gardening ideas.
  • Ability to be able to develop a sense of achievement.
  • A good opportunity to encourage, observe and enjoy wildlife.
  • A good way to get the rest of the family especially children out in the fresh air and involved.
  • An opportunity to take part in the Allotment Competition.
  • Nothing beats the satisfaction of growing something from seed, to put food on your table and being able to say, "I grew that" We all know the health benefits of eating home grown fruit and vegetables and it is great for people of all ages and abilities to get involved.